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How much Energy do Wind Turbines produce?

How much Energy do Wind Turbines produce?

The amount of electricity you will generate depends on your local wind speed. Your local wind speed itself depends on certain factors such as:

  • where you are in the UK i.e. coastal or urban
  • obstructions such as nearby trees and buildings which create turbulence and reduce wind
  • the height of your turbine: wind speeds increase with height

It is crucial to measure the wind speed before installing a turbine to ensure it will be financially worthwhile.

Wind energy output is determined by the Cube Rule. The Cube Rule indicates that each time the wind speed doubles, the output from the wind turbine increases by eight times. Additionally, by doubling the diameter of the blade, you increase the electricity output by four.

The larger the turbine, the larger the rotor, which is the single largest factor in determining the amount of power that is generated by a turbine.

Therefore, wind power is directly proportional to the “cube” of the wind’s speed, so small increases in wind speed potentially result in large changes in output. Wind turbines vary in size and power output from a few hundred watts to large megawatts.

The main factor affecting the output of wind turbines is the average wind speed. This varies for different areas of the UK but increases with the height of the wind turbine above ground level. Local topography can significantly impact upon local wind speeds. A small difference in wind speed will make a large difference to output.

There is simple math formula that is used to determine the amount of electricity that a wind turbine will generate. To determine the amount of electricity generated you must know the Average Mean Wind Speed. There are a many website tools that enable you to obtain the Average Mean Wind Speed for your area and if you add the rotor size that will give you the number of kilowatt hours of electricity that you can expect your wind turbine to generate.

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