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How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?

Let’s firstly understand “how cold is cold”

Absolute Zero is -237o C!

There is heat energy in everything above -237o C.

There is heat energy in snow and ice!

There is heat energy in the wind and rain.

Now let’s understand “how does heat energy transfer”

Touching steals heat….

Fridges & freezers steal heat ….

Thermodynamics systems works like a fridge in reverse….

The system simply extracts free sustainable heat energy from ….

  • the air
  • the sun
  • the rain
  • the wind
  • even snow!

Simply put…..Thermodynamics is the transfer of heat energy…

-15o Degrees C = Hot Water

Providing it is warmer than -15o outside Thermodynamics systems can heat water to 55o C!

  • Day and night
  • Summer and winter


  • 24 hours a day!
  • 365 days per year!

Now….how does it deliver hot water?

Ther are Two Key Components

  1. The Panel…mounted anywhere…

on a flat or pitched roof

on a wall

on the ground

horizontally or vertically


2. The Hot Water Cylinder and its’ Box

it’s compact

it requires no user interaction

it requires no maintenance

It simply collects free heat energy in the atmosphere and transfers it via a compressor box to your hot water…its that simple!