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Solar Sale

4kW Solar for £4,300 inc VAT

Best Price in the UK! Guaranteed!


We are a Local Norwich Family Business…

Our 4kW offer includes:

16 x Seraphim 6MC all black 250 watt Solar Panels

1 x Solax Inverter with a 10 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

1 x Solar Performance Monitor – linked to your smart phone

1 x EPC Survey and Certificate

1 x MCS Certificate

1 x Roof Structural Survey and Report (inc wind/weight load)

Part P Building Notifications

Full Installation and Commissioning

10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee

25 Year Performance Warranty on the Solar Panels

Includes Scaffolding for one and two story properties

No Pressure Salesmen


4kW Returns*

Annual Feed In Tariff                              £160

Annual Export Tariff                               £56

Annual Electricity Saving                       £378

Total Benefit in Year One                £594                 

Total Benefit over 20 years            £20,346.88**

Payback Year                                        6

Annual Return Rate                          13.47%


Prices for other sizes…

3kW system only £3,299 inc VAT

2kW system only £2,570 inc VAT

Money House



*Returns based on south facing roof with a 39 degree pitch and no shading. Installation must be registered by 31st August 2015 to obtain the current feed in tariff rate.

**20 year total benefit is based on 3.2% inflation and 6% energy inflation.



Solar PV systems produce electricity during daylight hours even if the sky is overcast. As long as there is light you will generate your own electricity.

Solar PV can provide all your daytime electricity.



A typical 4 kilo watt solar PV system will provide you with 3,852 kilo watts hours (units) of electricity.

When you generate your own electricity you do not buy from the grid, and at current prices, and the inevitable continuing increase of electricity prices, it can save you thousands.


Funding – The Feed in Tariff

The Feed in Tariff is a guaranteed 20 year index linked payment scheme for the energy you generate – whether you use it or not.

Solar PV systems are currently eligible for the UK government’s Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) payments which mean you can earn money from the electricity you generate. You additionally benefit from electricity during the day.

Our 4kw Solar PV systems cost circa £4,300 and will typically generate 3,852 units of electricity per annum.

You will receive a guaranteed index linked income for 20 years of approximately £160 per year, plus savings on your electricity bill of approximately £378 per year on your electricity bill, plus £56 per annum for the electricity that you do not use which you automatically export back to the grid.

That means….

£160 + £378 + £56 = £594 x 20 years less the initial cost of your system = £7,580 net profit. This assumes no inflation and no increase in fuel charges.

However the Feed in Tariff is index linked so if we assume inflation at *3.2% and fuel inflation at **6% then the net profit after 20 years can be estimated to be around £16,046.88.

*3.2% inflation is based on as an average over the last ten years from the “Office of National Statistics Consumer Price Indices”. **6% fuel inflation is based on an increase of fuel prices over the last 5 years sourced from “DECC Domestic Energy Price Statistics”.

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