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Funding for Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Funding for Rainwater Harvesting Systems

There is currently no funding or grants available for domestic Rainwater Harvesting Arvesting systems. There are no financial incentives similar to the FiT or RHI for Rainwater Harvesting Systems. The savings are purely from reduced water bills.

Farmers may find funding for agricultural schemes through their local Regional Development Agency (RDA).

For businesses however, there is an Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme which allows businesses to claim 100% of their first year capital allowances on investments in technologies included the ECA list of water efficient technologies and products.

Enhanced Capital Allowances enable companies to claim tax relief for investments in energy-efficient products that meet published energy efficient criteria. This helps to significantly reduce the payback period for energy-saving and carbon reducing projects and is designed to incentivise companies to buy energy efficient products. This scheme helps alleviate the initial capital outlay by allowing companies to claim back 100% of the cost in the first year, thereby giving the company a cash flow boost.

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