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What is an MVHR?

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery is NOT a heating system, and not is it an Air Conditioning system.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery is a balanced and controlled forced air ventilation system which is re-using heat typically lost.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery offers an efficient low energy forced balanced ventilation solution primarily aimed at insulated airtight properties to improve or maintain good indoor air quality.

An MVHR ventilation system can be fitted into new self-build homes, or custom build homes, as well as most commercial and factory type properties.  The system can also be successfully retrofitted during the renovation of a house or property.

The heat recovery element captures around 80-90% of the heat that would otherwise have been lost and this also helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Our Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems are designed to run quietly in the background and is not affected by opening your windows!

A quality and fully compliant heat recovery ventilation system is generally made up of an MVHR unitducting, internal air control valves and external wall or roof vents, as well as all the necessary insulation and acoustic attenuation required.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery can provide fresh filtered air into any room in any building and retain most of the heat energy that has already been used to heat the room or building.

Heat Recovery Ventilation is the solution to all your ventilation needs of energy efficient buildings.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems, properly fitted, will provide a constant supply of fresh filtered clean air, maintaining a high quality of air.

Ventilation System Design – We design your system bespoke to your specific requirements.

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