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What is an MVHR?

What is Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

MVHR is NOT an Air Conditioning system, and it is NOT a heating system, instead it is a controlled air ventilation system, which simultaneously recycles the heat that is usually lost through ventilation.

Suitable for:

  • New self-build homes
  • Custom build homes
  • Office building
  • Surgeries & dentist practices
  • Commercial and factory type properties
  • Retrofitted to any house or property

The heat recovery aspect withholds 60-90% of the heat that would typically be lost; this significantly helps in the reduction of your carbon footprint.

Our Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems are not affected by open windows and will quietly work in the background!

System Design – We factor in your specific requirements and design your system bespoke to you

Heat Recovery Ventilation is the answer to all your ventilation needs!

EEA Regional Award winner EEA National Award winner EEA National Boiler Award winner MCS Elecsa REC FGAS BPEC Green Deal