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Servicing & Maintenance

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems are a lifetime investment which if well maintained will provide you with a much healthier indoor air quality and ensuring you of a constant flow of fresh filtered air.

Regular servicing of your ventilation unit not only increases its life span, it also plays an important part in the effective day-to-day operation of the system.

Why do you need to regularly service your MVHR system?

This is why a regular well maintained system will save you money!

  • Filters become blocked potentially allowing dust, pollen and diesel particulates and other pollutants to be introduced into the property!
  • We will remove the moisture, insects and ducts from the heat exchanger which may have been sucked into the system through the network of ducting
  • Dust from your property can collect on the fan impellers and in time can compromise their performance
  • Dust particles and bacteria gather on the back of extract valves located in “wet” areas such as bathrooms and kitchens
  • Supply air valves can become dirty as the filter degrades

Our rates for servicing Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery systems are by survey & quotation only. Thereafter we can agree a service routine which will optimise your system.

Our Service package includes:

  • Whole unit clean
  • Full removal and cleaning of the heat exchanger
  • Filter cleaning and replacement (new filter charges may apply)
  • Air valve cleaning (where accessible)
  • Internal unit inspection and clean
  • Inspecting and cleaning the fan impellers
  • Inspecting the system for satisfactory operation
  • Re-balancing the systems
  • Visual inspection and cleaning of external grilles (subject to access)
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