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How Does MVHR Work?

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems work by continuously extrapolating polluted air sources from rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, toilets and utility rooms, and supply clean filtered air to the living or working area rooms e.g. bedrooms, living rooms, studies etc.

The extrapolated air is taken through a central heat exchanger and the heat recovered and dispersed to where it is needed. This also works the other way; if the air temperature inside the building is colder than the outside air temperature. In some casesĀ around 96% of the heat generated within your property can be retained.


Heat Recovery Ventilation is a system which comprises a Heat Recovery Unit and a network of ducting which is connected to each room.

Typically, there will be an air-handling unit, normally in the loft area or in a plant room, and a series of dual pair-ducting to each room where filtered air is required.

One line of the ducting will draw out the stale polluted air, whilst the other ducting will replace it with fresh air.


The heat recovery function operates when the warm, stale air passes through a heat exchanger in the air handling unit, and the heat extracted is then used to warm the incoming cooler fresh air thereby maintain the heat in the room and not just wasting the heat.


The duel pair ducting is typically 100mm to 150mm in diameter, depending on the size of the property. The ducting is also insulated to ensure that the heat retained.


Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems are a proven low-energy and highly efficient ventilation method.


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