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Efficiencies of MVHR

The average efficiency range of heat recovery systems goes between 60-80%, according to The Carbon Trust. However, high end manufacturers can achieve efficiencies of up to 90%!


Heat Recovery for Boilers
A key factor in how much heat is wasted by your boiler is the age – the older, the worse they tend to be. Some boilers can waste up to 18% through just the flue!

A boiler flue economiser can be fitted to reduce waste and can result in heat loss savings of between 5 and 15%.


Heat Recovery for Refrigeration
Installing a low-grade heat recovery system can result in savings on heat energy that is wasted, according to The Carbon Trust.

In a supermarket, from the recovery of waste heat from the refrigeration units alone, you could supply 75-90% of the hot water demand.


Heat Recovery from Ventilation Systems
Ventilation systems can be used in a variety of places from homes, offices, dentists and hospitals, to shops and theatres. The efficiency of these systems can be generally estimated; however, a lot will depend on the location of the systems.

Thermal wheel ventilation units deliver between 65 and 75%, boasting a maximum of 80% efficiency.

Plate heat exchangers deliver between 55 and 65%, with a maximum of 80% efficiency.

Run around coil systems offer between 45 and 50%, with a maximum of 55% efficiency.

Heat pumps deliver between 35 and 50%, with a maximum of 60% efficiency.

Heat pipes can offer between 50 and 65%, with a maximum of 70% efficiency.


Domestic Heat Recovery Systems
Installing an efficient heat recovery system will reduce your carbon footprint while presenting significant savings.

Many new homes now include a form of heat recovery ventilation system, whether it be an external system like a heat pump, or a ventilation system in the loft.


Office Heat Recovery Systems
Along with the abundance of other benefits, Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems can save up to 30% on office energy bills!


Industrial Heat Recovery Systems
Industrial situations that produce large quantities of heat waste can massively benefit from Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems due to the savings that can be made. Additionally, businesses such as these may be able to benefit from incentive schemes including Renewable Heat Premium Payment and the Renewable Heat Incentive.

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