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Mechanical Ventilation

Indoor air quality is critical to a healthy environment.


It is important to choose your ventilation system wisely when building or renovating and consider carefully the benefits which a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery system can bring you.


Not only will it bring you health benefits, it will also reduce your energy bills too!!
Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery is a holistic ventilation solution which extracts stale air  and supplies fresh air, and at the same time recycles the heat generated within it.

Whether you are designing and building a dream self-build, or custom build home for yourself, or you are in a business / factory environment, we have the perfect MVHR solution for you.

Nothing is more important than getting your Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery system right  and choosing the right partner to help you do that is essential.

Impact Services have got all your Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery needs covered with our qualified engineers and years of experience and our award winning services.

Domestic or Commercial, New build or Retrofit – ask us first!

Ventilation is vital, especially in the rooms where air purification is required, and condensation and humidity are at their highest.

EEA Regional Award winner EEA National Award winner EEA National Boiler Award winner MCS Elecsa REC FGAS BPEC Green Deal