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How much energy do Biomass Boilers produce?

Biomass boilers come in all different sizes and shapes and colours!

In terms of heat output they can produce as much heat as you would ever require; however it is important not to oversize the system.

The sizing of a biomass boiler is a complex task even for an experienced boiler installer.

It all depends on the:

a)      The heat demand
b)     The hot water demand
c)      The winter peak demand

An in depth survey of the heat loss and demand of the property are critical to identifying the right size system.

In order to size a system our surveyors will factor:

  • your room sizes
  • your radiators or heat emitters
  • your wall material type
  • your floor material type
  • your wall & loft insulation
  • your window size and type
  • your cylinder size

amongst other things.

This helps us to ensure that we are recommending a system that will be future proofed but the right size.

Remember buying an oversized system simply means you pay too much upfront cost and it over works.

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