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Types of System

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Systems


Wall mounted split air conditioners come a variety of style and are the most popular type of system, in terms of capacities and levels of functionality.

Versatile, cutting edge, elegant and timeless designs, domestic and commercial air cooling systems to  make every room perfect comfort setting.

The two main advantages are that wall units are always the cheapest option to install; they are also easy to retrofit in rooms without the need for building works or redecoration. They are long, thin and placed at a high level on the wall.

Like all the models designed for homes, they are also exceptionally whisper quiet.

Our surveyors will make sure you get the optimal solution for your home.

A single wall unit will usually be able to cool most rooms; however, larger rooms sometimes need an additional unit.

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning Systems


Popular in offices with suspended ceilings, the ceiling cassette air conditioner, sometimes known as a cartridge air conditioner, is usually designed to be fitted within a one or two ceiling tile spaces. The bulk of the unit is unseen as it is above the ceiling line and the only visible part is the decorative lower facing with its central inlet grille and 4 edge outlet louvers.

The main advantage of these units is aesthetics, but also that a centrally mounted unit can deliver an increased cooling (or heating) capacity across a wide area because of the air being distributed in 4 directions.

Typically, a single ceiling cassette air conditioner can do the same job as 3 or 4 wall mounted units.

There is another type of ceiling air conditioner, which is an under ceiling air conditioner.

These are used where there is no suspended ceiling to install a cassette and where there is sufficient ceiling height to suspend an under ceiling unit. As these are designed to be entirely within  a room, they are made to be reasonably aesthetic, however, the under ceiling air conditioners do inevitably look like overly cumbersome items to hang from a ceiling. Generally they are designed to lift air vertically into the unit and discharge treated air horizontally along the ceiling avoiding direct discharge directly onto occupants, and some allow air discharge from four sides.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems 

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems are the most expensive choice, but they are certainly the most aesthetically pleasing solution. Ducted home air conditioning systems can be used to cool multiple rooms; however, the downside is that you cannot have individual room control (unless you have multiple ducted systems). The ductwork and cooling unit(s) are hidden within a false ceiling or loft space, so all that you see is a small neat grille in the ceiling.

There are various grille designs available which suit different shapes and sizes of room. Our surveyors will talk you through the various solutions, so you’ll achieve the exact look you’re after.

Please note that these are best fitted as part of a building project as they require a ceiling void to house both the ducting and the air conditioning unit itself.

Low Wall-Mounted Air Conditioning Systems

Low wall-mounted air conditioners are often used in conservatories and loft conversions because they are ideal for ‘dwarf-walls’, however, they are suitable for any room in the home.

They are very similar to wall mounted units (discussed above), however, they are placed at a low level on the wall. They are more expensive than traditional wall mounted home air conditioning units, but customers sometimes prefer them because, as with radiators, they are placed out of their line of sight.

If you are interested in having low wall-units, then tell our surveyor, and they’ll design a suitable solution for you.

Multi Split Air Conditioning Systems


Single Air Conditioning Split


Multi Air Conditioning Split


These air conditioning systems are essentially the same as the split systems except that there are a number of indoor units linked to the same external unit.

This type of air conditioning system invariably requires a large more powerful condenser unit, however it does allow the same type of indoor unit variants for the single split systems, and even allows for different types of indoor unit being run from the same condenser, e.g. a floor mounted unit in one room, ceiling cassette in another and a wall mount in yet another room.

Typically multi split systems can link between 2 and 4 internal units to a single external block. The obvious limitation of this air conditioning configuration is that if the outside block breaks down then all the internal blocks are rendered inoperative. For this reason where external space allows, a number standard split air conditioners are preferable to a multi split system. It is also the case that multi split air conditioners are seldom much more cost-effective than an equivalent configuration of standard splits. This is because the installation cost to the multi split air conditioning system is typically double that of the single splits and typically the maintenance costs are also higher.


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