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We are member of RECC – the renewable energy consumer code and we have the MCS accreditation, this demonstrates our absolute commitment to delivering outstanding products and excellent service.

Impact Renewable Energy Ltd t/a Impact Renewables is an MCS accredited company who can provide you with the latest award winning solar technology at competitive prices.

Our MCS Accreditation means that you are entitled to all the latest grants, including the “Feed in Tariff” (the Energy Cash Back Scheme) and the “Renewable Heat Incentive” grant.

We strictly adhere to the RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code) Code of Conduct which means that every installation meets with your expectations of high services standards.

Impact Renewable Energy Ltd t/a Impact Renewables have a no nonsense approach when it comes to solar power systems. We provide the latest, fully developed, award winning solar technology at the lowest prices, with sound advice before, during and after a purchase has been made.

Our staff comprise of fully qualified plumbers and fully qualified electricians, and our sales advisors are fully trained with the appropriate procedures and qualifications in the installations of solar products.

We have a strict code of working conduct which is reflected in our working policies.


So why use us…

The old clichés, but in our case, totally true…..professional, reliable, honourable and we will price match!

  • We talk… To get an idea of what you need and how much it will cost and we will answer any initial questions.
  • We survey… Energy demand calculations, usage, temperatures, panel location and budget.
  • We recommend… Based on your requirements, your specification, operating temperatures, usage and location, we recommend a suitable solution within your budget. Impact Renewable Energy Ltd t/a Impact Renewables operates a no hard Sell Policy.
  • We install… We order and install typically within 3 to 6-weeks from order confirmation.
  • We help… Our engineers will always spend time with you to explain the functionality and operation of the system.
  • We honour… We stand by our systems; quality systems come with full guarantees and full warrantees…. and loads of aftercare!

What else could you want?


Our Products

We provide the latest, award winning solar technology at the lowest prices.

Our products combine attractive and space saving design with innovative technology.

Manufacturers Expertise: We use major international companies like Sharp, Sanyo, Kyocera, Vaillant and Velux to provide top, middle and low end ranges of products. This means you get the highest quality brand names combined with long-term reliability and safety.

Maximum Efficiency Power Output: Having access to the leaders in the market gives you leading panel efficiencies even at low light levels, increasing total solar yield.

Safety: All products have approval for the highest voltages (up to 1000v); this ensures the highest level of operational safety.

Guarantees & Warranties: All our products come with manufacturer product warranty (usually 20years), and we personally guarantee all our installations (usually 5 years)….try and beat that!

Our Commercial Work: We undertake work for both public and private sector organisations including: Schools, churches, local councils, communities and business enterprises.


Is it time to have your very own power station… Is it time to be your own energy supplier… Is it time to be a pioneer in your area?

EEA Regional Award winner EEA National Award winner EEA National Boiler Award winner MCS Elecsa REC FGAS BPEC Green Deal